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Zuckerberg’s goal with Facebook in the new year


Mark Zuckerberg is very optimistic this year with his Facebook. And so he told the new challenge to fix Facebook. Apart from this, he wants to improve this social network. Zuckerberg has been challenging himself for the year since its inception. Last year, he took the challenge of rotating every state in the United States. Its main purpose is to eliminate Facebook’s discussion and criticism.

Facebook has been criticized for several days. It has been questioned about its role and influence in spreading false news before elections in different countries. Especially during the US presidential election, social media has been criticized for promoting political advertisements associated with Russia. Most of the Facebook revenue comes from the digital advertising sector. There are also various debates about online advertising platforms.

These will be sorted out mainly by Zuckerberg’s goal. In a post on his Facebook page on Thursday, Zuckerberg wrote, “Personally, I am aiming for a new year to fix Facebook errors and make the platform more credible for users.” Facebook misuse is not yet fully possible. There are several errors. But recently we have brought permanent solutions to several important issues by changing the Facebook policy. It has been possible to stop the abuse of many of our features. If we successfully complete this year’s successful initiative, it will be a big achievement for us.

Zuckerberg also said, we might not be able to solve all the problems. Now we are making more mistakes in the use of policies and procedures. If these mistakes can be made possible then further progress will be possible this year.

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