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Worms in the eye!


A few days after the Abbey Bacalli holiday in Brookings City, Oregon, an eye taxman was doing quite well. Was wasted in water, washing with a little bit of hands. After that, one day pulling from the jewel of your eyes, what a kind of thing! Half-inch tall. Semi-transparent It’s about to be frightened When he came to the local doctor, he was able to get out of the eye and two threads! The doctor who did not even look like it looks like a worm, never seen before. Do not be blinded! The panic bakli ran away to the optician. He repeated three more times. But could not solve it. At the end of Abby is a center of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) center. Researchers from there say that they are worms in the eyes of Abe. Thelzia family. There are 8 more, ie 20 days of total 14 worms. It was seen, and there is no worm in Abe’s eye. There is no irritation or other symptoms. The event is in 2016. There was no problem with eyes in those days. Well, 26 years old Abie. A few days ago posted on Facebook, the funny Snowman pictures. And the CDC scientists also said that the story of the worms lodged in his eyes. In ‘Tropical Medicine’ and ‘Hygiene’ One of the researchers, Richard Bradbury In his words, “some worms kills crying in the eye! It was very strange, it was very difficult.” Abi could get rid of that pain, but many questions were asked by the researchers of the CDC.A few months later, they can properly identify those abominable parasites In reality, ‘thalia gulosa’, which is in the eyes of a cow, sometimes a cat or dog, which is spread through the eyes of the worms, the worms larva. The larvae live on the tears of the eyes, while the litter of the worms goes away in the eyes of the eyes, “Theliazia gulosa” in the eyes of the human beings, so that the eyes of the eyes are so active that the eyes of the eye fall apart. Search is from researchers from Abbey, who went to a holiday in South Oregon, where the area is famous for the choir. At the time of flying, there was so much speed in sight that eyeballs could not perform their duties, it is very rare, and this is the first in the world, ‘Thelalia gulosa’, in the world, to tell Bradbury, the other two species of worms of the Thalesia family have been seen before. In eye So far, only 160 cases have been reported in the whole of Europe and Asia. And in the history of America, the number 11 If not treated, they can cause corneal damage, even blind. However, if all the worms break, there is no permanent problem or symptoms.

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