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Why everyone gets married in winter?


Everyone gets married in winter. There are many causes, It’s given bello:-


School is closed at the end of the annual examination of boys and girls in December. In the meantime, the elderly can easily go for a walk with them. And on this occasion, all the relatives can come together. Other times of the year it is not easy to get everyone together. This is why most people choose winter for their wedding.


During the summer, you Don’t have eat and drink easily. If the food is a little more, then the stomach starts to roll. However, it is not winter thinking. In the same way, the backpack is consumed in the stomach, as well as the feast. And marriage is a special meal. So winter is the perfect time for a wedding.

Wedding Work :

In a summer day you have to work hard to breathe. But that fear is not the same in the winter. Rather, the feeling of winter is less if done. Thousands of working people do not lack in marriage. Everyone is interested in working independently. That is why the marriage collapses.

Flower decoration:

Marriage? without flowers? Impossible! And who does not know, winter means that the flowers are swollen all around. Flowers and flowers when the hand is raised. The availability of flowers makes the wedding celebration even brighter and more elegant. The color and the smell of the flowers make everyone feel good.


The bridegroom does not have too many headaches, but the bride? I would love to see the bride in the wedding dress. And so every bride wants to dress like her mind. But in the summer, how much is possible? No matter how expensive cosmetics are used, heat dissipation will ruin everything. And in the winter? Sort of happy, there’s no fear of wasting.


Winter is the perfect time to wander. So the wedding and then the honeymoon roam around a lot. Warmth can be shared from side to side, in which opportunity the partner can be recognized and known. So winter is perfect for weddings and honeymoons.

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