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WhatsApp competitor India’s hike


WhatsAPP vs HikeWhatsApp is the world’s most popular communication channel. However, Hike becoming aggressive to outsmart WhatsApp. The new Android version of HTC’s competition comes with a new Android version of WhatsApp. Through the collection of information, including messaging, even different bills can be provided without any internet connection. In fact, people who are still out of the internet, want to include their own services.

By next March, Hike plans to bring four phone-sets with total software. By sending messages without internet, reading magazines, buying bus tickets and watching cricket scores can also be done. In this case, Total is using a technology that works differently from the general wireless network. Hike is planning to bring a new smartphone in conjunction with India Phone Manufacturer Intex Technologies India Limited and Karban Mobile. These smartphones will cost between 3,500 and 5000 rupees. Users will be able to enjoy the service of a new phone by using a phone number. This new initiative will enable more than 100 million people to be brought under mobile services. By connecting with the wireless network, the cost will be less than any conventional medium.

Hike already has more than 10 million users. Hike’s founder and CEO Kevin Bharti Mittal said there are 40 million smartphone users in India. But among them actively fewer than half the number of internet users. We want to completely reduce this difference. And in this case we make the Internet very easy for them. To make the Internet easier for these people, we are doing something that will bring a radical change.

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