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The video of a two-headed snake again viral !


The video is not new. In October 2016, the video uploaded to a YouTube channel entitled ‘Barcraft Animes’. This video does not even have that much view at that time. But recently this video has surfaced in social media. And there was a storm of like and share.

It is learned that in the Crasvaco city of Croatia, there is a duplex snake found in a garage in front of a garage. Experts said at the time that this happens from twin embryo distortion. There is no such thing as snakes, other animals, even human beings.

Generally, we who call it two-headed serpents are not those species. The snake does not have two faces. There is a part of the face on the tail, it is visible. But this snake is really two heads.

According to snakes, it is difficult to keep it alive in such cases. Because, there are difficulties between the two heads and at one point they are killed by fighting each other.

But in this case the frantic snake was able to save. A local zoo is currently the address of this snake. Again, the social media is overwhelmed by it, many are asking questions, ‘the camaraderie of the camera’.

Click here for watching video :- {Two-headed snake video}



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