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Unused five features on smartphones ?


In the age of information technology, almost everyone has smartphones. But is the use of smartphones just listening to music, resting in the Internet world, and resting in self-evacuation? No Lifestyle website Bridesite reports about the use of smartphones that many are unknown. Let’s not know those uses.

Lock Screen Message
Suppose you lost your phone. But the person who got your phone does not know your address, nor knows the password to open your lock. What if the person who finds your phone without knowing the lock can know your address? The work is not difficult at all. Go to the mobile settings and go to the lock and security options. There is an option called Lock Screen Signature. Enter your name, contact address and other number of contacts by touching there.

Smartphone Cc Camera
There is nothing to be surprised. You can convert a smartphone to a CC TV camera. For this you have to download the Motion Detector app from the Google App Store or IOS. After installing the app, your mobile will be converted into CC Cameras. Then hide the smartphone near the charging point and start the CC camera.

Time balance
‘What are you doing on the phone all day long?’ Parents did not hear the question. It is difficult to find a smartphone user. But you can find out how much of your smartphone you are running. Even an app that uses more will also tell your smartphone. In the case of Ios phone you have to go for the settings. To go from the settings to the battery option. Battery option has an option called Last Seven Day. If you go there, you will see all the equations.

Dash cam
Car DVR or Dash Cam can also be used as your smartphone. For this reason, an app will be downloaded from the Dash Cam’s App Store at the Google App Store or iOS. When you are in a travel or hired vehicle, mobile dash cam will work quite well.

Monochrome mode
In the digital era, the book has become a digital technology. The digital book on the smartphone market has occupied the place of paper. But to look at these books are constantly looking at the mobile which is harmful for the eyes. In addition, it comes to the end of the charge fast. The solution to this problem is on your smartphone. You have to go to the Magic Developer menu. There you go and find out Simulat Anomili. This mobile simulator will be black and white when the monochrome mode is turned on. As a result you can read books without eye damage. There is no danger of running out of charges too quickly.

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