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The United States strongly condemns the Russian


Russia has strongly criticized the United States Security Council for its involvement in Iran’s protests. The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassili Nebenzia, said the United Nations Security Council was harmed by the involvement of ‘internal affairs’.

Russia’s ambassador further said that the argument that the meeting was called for the Council on Iran should be called in the same logic for a meeting of the Security Council in Ferguson in the United States.

BBC News reported that few minutes before the Russian envoy’s statement, US Ambassador Nicky Hally praised Iran’s protests as a “strong demonstration of brave people”.

Iranian ambassador Golamali Khasru said that as a permanent member of the Council, the United States misuses power. The US has lost credibility in the legal, political, and moral aspects of the world. ”

Many countries criticized the United States for calling an emergency meeting on Iran’s Security Council. France said that any interference in Iran’s affairs would lead to reversal. The international community must be committed to the full implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran.

The trump administration does not accept that agreement with Iran.

The US envoy told the UN Security Council that Washington is with them who want freedom, wants family prosperity and dignity for the nation.
But Russia’s ambassador Nebenzia said that if the “logic” of the US is to be believed, then a Security Council meeting should be called in the event that a white police officer was shot dead by a white police officer in Missouri 2014.

Iran has been blown up by anti-government protests since December 28th in protest against rising prices, unemployment and ongoing economic disparity in the country. The first protests in the country’s second largest city Mashhad Then there were protests in various cities including Tehran and Kerman Shah. The target of this protest is to the ruling religious leaders. Meanwhile, 21 people were killed in anti-government protests. Hundreds of people were arrested

On Wednesday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards chief declared the protesters as ‘traitors’ and declared their defeat.

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