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The United States has stopped granting $ 255 to Pakistan


Warning for a long time, US President Donald Trump did this at times. Last Monday on Monday, the United States said that the United States will not give any financial assistance to Pakistan.

And Tuesday after a day, Pakistan’s 255 million dollar military grant was stopped by the trump administration. In a statement on behalf of the White House, it has been said that whether this grant will be given in future, depending on what action Pakistan takes against terrorism on the ground floor.
In the last tweet, Trump wrote in the last tweet, “The US has received nothing but falsehoods and hoaxes from Pakistan in exchange for 33 billion US dollars in aid for the last 15 years. Pakistan has made Safe Heaven ready for terrorists’ land. ‘

A top official of Trump Administration, who is reluctant to disclose the name, said that Pakistan will not be given a grant of $ 255 million in foreign military finance. He said, “The President has made clear beforehand that Pakistan should take a positive step against terrorism and take positive steps. But no favorable steps have been taken from Pakistan yet. ‘

After a tweet of tense last month, Pakistani Foreign Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif responded in reply, ‘In a matter of time, we will reply to the tweets of President Trumpet Insallah … let the whole world know the truth … I will say the difference between real and unreal …’

Pakistan’s Defense Ministry tweeted: “Pakistan has allowed the United States to use the land, the sky, and all kinds of military assistance, as a partner in America to counter terrorism, for the last 16 years. As a result, al Qaeda has been suppressed.

But instead America gave nothing to disbelief. Do not even see the terrorists who killed Pakistani soldiers beyond the border. ‘
The decision of the trump is supported in the United States, regardless of the group. Many senators also gave their statement supporting President Trump’s decision.

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