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The United States announces closure of security cooperation in Pakistan


The United States has announced to stop the security cooperation in Pakistan. Terrorists say ‘US state of heaven’ tweeted US President Donald Trump’s tweet After this, the State Department’s support for the closure of the two days after the interaction of the two countries was confirmed.

The decision was made because of the country’s failure to stop the activities of alleged terrorist groups of Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani mission in Pakistan.

The first meeting of this year was a tweet in a tweet from US President Donald Trump. This time the formal announcement came. Almost all types of US security support were stopped as the country failed to stop terrorist activities in its country.

It has been said by the State Department that the ban will remain in force until Pakistan’s system against the Kakani network and Afghan Taliban groups.

State Department spokesman Heather Nourate explained the matter to the media.

Nurett says that “Today, we want to make sure that we stop the national security, sorry-security support of Pakistan.

As long as the country’s government does not take appropriate measures against Afghan Taliban groups and Haqqani groups in their country. They are destabilizing the region and targeting US citizens. That’s why security in the United States will be stopped in Pakistan. ”

The US decision is a major hit in relations with Pakistan, known as a ally. But Afghanistan and India have praised the United States for such steps. Only China is in favor of Pakistan.

Earlier, Trump had tweeted threatening to stop the help of cheating against Pakistan, failure to curb terrorism and sheltering the Taliban asylum seekers.

There he wrote that the United States has provided more than $ 33 billion in financial aid to Pakistan for 15 years. For which they did not get anything.

However, before the trump administration said it would be late to send $ 250 million in financial assistance to Pakistan.

Although, in the State Department’s statement, Nureet could not specify exactly how much security support is being stopped as a dollar.

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