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How to turn on the free WiFi?


Now the best way to use the Internet at home is to create a WiFi zone. It is possible to access the internet on multiple devices with a connection. Generally, everyone uses WiFi router to use hotspots inside the house. But if you have a Windows 10 operating system on your desktop or laptop, then there will be no extra cost to buy a router. With Windows 10 and a free application, the hotspot can be opened in the house. Information Technology website mashable

The beneficial application is called Virtual Router. This application will work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 12 and Windows 10. Take a look at the steps below and how to install and install this app on a desktop or laptop

First Step: Download and install the app

It’s a very easy job. Download and install the application from the virtual router’s homepage.

Step 2: Network Configuration

Now create your network and enter the network name and password there. Your network name will be displayed on other devices. Now select the connection you want to share from the dropdown link. The settings will be different depending on how you want to connect to another device. If you want to give ‘Ethernet connection’ then select it. If you want to Wi-Fi connection then select the option ‘WiFi device’.

Then click on the ‘Start Virtual Router’ option.

Step 3: Enables connection share

Find out ‘View Network Connections’ by searching the Start menu to enable connection sharing. Right click on the name of the connection you want to share (Ethernet or WiFi) and select ‘Properties’. You can find a tab named ‘Sharing’ in the Properties. Check the option ‘Alua ada network users to connect thru day computer internet connection’ option.

Now your WiFi connection is turned on.

Step Four: Connect to another device

Once the WiFi setup is configured, you can use the wifi hotspot on your connection from another device now. You can use your network from other devices if your connection comes to those devices and connect and password.

Step 5: Close the app after the end of the job

Turn off the WiFi connection at the end of the job. Clicking on the ‘Stop Virtual Router’ option will close the connection.

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