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The Turkish people speak the language of birds!


These Turkish villagers work in the field and talk about it. The language is also spoken in the home-language.

Everyone does that. But they have secret language. There is no exchange of words. They whistle in the mouth. That whistle has different meanings.
This language is known as ‘bird language’. They did not shout with anyone, but they were whistle. Whistle sounds loud and it easily conveys to the person who is saying it. Someone might be able to work in the field and whistle to someone else’s side, he explained that he needs his sickle.

Someone whistle from the top of the hill and told the shopkeeper that he needs two breads.

These shies of high-sounding words have become an integral tool for the villagers’ language exchange. This village has made great benefits to the villagers. It’s so great to play this whisper from the village boy.

People from nearby houses speak this secret language with the neighbors. You will not understand anything by whistling. But they will understand the whistle of each other. To the doctor of a nearby home, she whispered that she was suffering from her leg. In response, the doctor said he would come and see. Another woman invited her neighbor to tea in the afternoon with a whistle. In exchange, he took another invitation. He said to the farmers working in the field a whistle, prepare food. You come to eat The farmers said that they were coming. The schoolchildren said to his friend with a whistle, some coins should be needed, let’s scale together. Friends also said, I can not come, I will go play.

Currently, 10 thousand people can speak in the language of birds. At one time when people expressed their intention of expressing their feelings, then Shish became the language. UNESCO has given it a list of extinct languages. Therefore, these people of Turkey learn the language of the bird’s language.

The year is organized in this village with the language of the fair. Everybody gave opinions to keep the bird’s language alive.

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