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Trump uneasiness comments increased the anger


London protested against US President Donald Trump’s visit to London He has also added a furious remark about the UK’s internal affairs.

Donald Trump took part in the dinner hosted by the Prime Minister at London on Thursday. The news came when the visitors met in an amusing atmosphere of the banquet hall – Donald Trump said that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May not heard of him in the implementation of the breaksite (separation of the UK with the European Union). Theresa’s breakthrough plan will end the prospects of United States-US trade intimacy.

Trump said in an interview given to the country’s The Sun by Brussels before flying to the UK. On Thursday night, The Sun released the interview online.

In the interview, Donald Trump further said he liked the UK’s newly resigned Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. If Boris was the Prime Minister then he could do better to implement the success.

The United Kingdom, by coincidence, announced the plans for a relationship with the EU on the day of arrival of the Donald Trump. There is a tremendous unrest in the country’s government surrounding this proposed plan. Five resignations, including Relatives-Debate David Davis and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. In such heat, those comments of Donald Trump have sparked controversy. Many UK politicians have commented on the trump limit violation. However, some of the bookmakers have sung for favor of MP Trump. The Prime Minister’s Office has remained silent from any comments.

In the interview, Donald Trump again again attacked London mayor Sadik Khan with unbecoming and hostile attacks. Referring to the terrorist attacks in London and the issue of crime organization, she said, Mayor Sadiq Khan is doing a “bad job”.

Trump has earlier criticized Sadiq Khan in the United States. But he did not give much attention to Sesabe. On Friday, Sadiq Khan posed a counter-question to Trump and said, why the trump should have followed him. Because there have been terrorist attacks in many other cities in the world. But Trump did not blame any other mayor or leader on the same thing, which is repeatedly done for Sadiq Khan.

Another Labor leader, David Lamy, termed Trump as a “racist” and said that the reason behind the tragedy of Sadiq Khan is that “a Muslim has elected a mayor, who can not accept the trump.”

Opposition protests at Trophalgar Square in protest of Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. UK, July 13. Photo: AFP
Opposition protests at Trophalgar Square in protest of Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. UK, July 13. Photo: AFP
Meanwhile, the size of protests started around Thursday on the arrival of the Donald Trump has become more widespread. A huge ‘baby balloon’ (Baby Blum), similar to a trump-like portrait, was caught in the British Parliament premises. Thousands of people, including Westminster, Trafalgar Square, are involved in protests. The women of Donald Trump have strongly protested against hooliganism, racist and anti-human behavior. Such intense protests against a foreign leader visiting the UK are rare.

The news journalist Tom Nutton Dawn, interviewed by Trump, told the BBC that Trump is aware of what the UK people are thinking about him. The anger in the matter seems to be working in anger.

In the midst of such flutter on Friday, Theresa held a bilateral meeting with Donald Trump, Prime Minister’s country house checkers at Buckingham shire. The UK is eager to develop a close business relationship with the US after the separation of the EU. That is why the government of Theresa May gives special importance to this meeting of the Trump After the meeting, Donald Trump praised the ‘special relationship’ with the British in a broad sense. But people say that Trump’s statement is right, that’s why big metabolism.

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