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Trump new maneuver!


President Donald Trump has stepped down on new political movements with immigration Democrats have become active in the trap to stop family immigration and narrow the way to migration. America’s immigrant groups are also alert to stop political moves. President Trump’s desire is unlikely to be united in the closure of family immigration. So, in the new year, the debate on immigration in the United States is going to be overwhelming. But nobody is optimistic about the solution.

On January 9, the President Donald Trump met Republican and Democrat leaders in the White House with the fate of billions of illegal immigrants, including eight million Dreamers. Former President Barack Obama had issued a special order to legitimize young people who did not get the legal status of immigrants after coming to the United States with their parents. Under Obama’s ‘Deafard Action for Childhood Arrival’ or ‘Deca’ program, eight million young people were called as Dreamers. In the first week of March, the Deca Program will be canceled by the special executive order of President Trump. President Trump has urged the Congress to continue it. If the Congress passes a bill to settle these young people permanently, then the trump is not giving an objection to mentioning the specification when giving a special order.

President Donald Trump spoke about his compromise. He wants to negotiate with the Democrats about funding for construction of walls on his border, closure of family immigration or chain immigration, DV lottery.
A day after the meeting, the warning was noticed among immigrant groups. In the name of compromise, Democrats are showing the lack of exemption on the basic achievement of American immigration. In order to prevent the migration of family migrants, the American citizens can bring their relatives as immigrants, this is the way to open the immigrant group and liberal council.
In the words of the President Donald Trump, the desire to get away from the position of conciliation has been created in the meanwhile. United Latin American Citizens’ head of the immigrant organization, Brant Wilkes, said on Wednesday that the family immigration and DV lottery should be seen instead of what is being asked. He said the conservatives did not have strong arguments about why American citizens can not bring close relatives. The campaign was run on the most vulnerable images of family migration. It has been said that an immigrant US citizen is taking 20-30 people to the United States. Brant Wilkes said the publicity is not true and the process is not too quick. He said, what would be the benefit of American citizens to not get such a kind of relationship.
Adrian Reyna, campaign director of the United Wyomed campaign for ‘Deafard Action for Childhood Arrival’ or the Deca Program, said legislation will be enacted to protect those children who came illegally in America. For them, be careful about the immigrants who are not affected by other immigrant groups, especially family immigration or lottery visas. Immigrant groups believe that an immigrant group has to stop the trick to stop the benefits of others in the name of cooperation.
Democratic Senator Stani Howard, who attended the White House meeting on the next day of the negotiations on 9 January, said the Democrats are still unanimous about the way the White House wants to solve immigration problems.
Democracy lawmakers have begun to pressurize the immigrant groups to not shrink the privileges of immigrants in the name of a compromise. Frank Shariy, Executive Director of America’s Voice Organization, said that the discussion with the Daka program could not be discussed in the name of negotiations. He said, “We want to be enacted to protect the people of the DKA program.” Republican lawmaker and President Trump seeks to negotiate with other laws and deal with it. Citizens’ organizations have begun to press for the trapping of Republicans.
Democrat Whip Dick Durbin in the Senate said he was aware of the anxiety of the immigrant groups. He said connecting with family and close relatives is an important issue. Looking at the needs of American society, DV lottery was launched. He said these issues should be taken into account in any negotiation on immigration reform. The Illinois Democrat lawmaker, Luis Guitarz, has taken a clear position for the immigrant groups. Said, “We can not allow the Republicans to change the goalpost conveniently.” He will not have anything to do with the Democrats in the process of granting discounts on other matters for the Daka program. Democrat congressman Adriano Espillat, elected from New York, said he would take the position against the closure of family immigration or DV lottery facilities in connection with the Daka program.
President Trump wants to work in two stages to end the debate over immigration issues. First, to maintain the Daka program and then to validate the legality of the people living illegally and change the family quota. Donald Trump has been making strong comments against immigrants since the election campaign. After taking office, various anti-immigration initiatives have been taken. The arrest of the illegal people also strengthened the operation. Recently Bangladeshi expatriates Akade Ullah in New York

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