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Treatment or remedy for thalassemia disease


The treatment or remedy for thalassemia diseaseThe treatment or remedy for thalassemia disease is an ongoing process. The main problem of the thalassemia patient is in hemoglobin contained in red blood cells. This is also called hemoglobin disorder. Due to genetic defects, their hemoglobin is made of immature or defective. As a result, the production of red blood cells in the blood is not good. However, it is broken by the plight of the old days, which results in bloodlessness. Since the main components of hemoglobin are iron, the iron emitted from the broken particles has been deposited in many parts of the body for a long time. Excessive iron poisoning causes permanent damage to these organs – such as heart failure, liver cirrhosis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, delay in aging due to problems in the pituitary gland and inadequate physical increase. That is why the two main problems that are treated or treated with thalassemia are: blood loss and the excessive amount of iron stored in the body.

Beta thalassemia carriers, hemoglobin-e carriers and hemoglobin-e-doses – do they need treatment?
It has already been said that it is not a disease and no treatment is needed. Often, doctors treat their small anemia as lack of iron and treat iron deficiency which is not correct. However, if someone has a bit of thalassemia / hemoglobin-in addition to the amount of iron in the body, then only the treatment of Iron will be treated according to the doctor’s advice.

What is the treatment or remedy for thalassemia?
The main treatment of thalassemia is the regular treatment of blood circulation and the reduction of iron from the body. Besides, it is necessary to treat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and inadequate physical growth due to excess iron in the body. Treatment of Thalassemia is summarized below but must be consulted by expert doctors for appropriate treatment. .

Blood Transfusion
Thalassemia major patients should be given regular blood for the treatment of hemoglobin deficiency in the blood so that the level of hemoglobin is above 9 grams / deciliter (56/56%). Separate blood components for thalassemia patients only to give red cells or red cells. For thalassemia intermediate, most patients do not require regular blood. Many patients do not have to donate blood. Be sure to confirm thalassemia type before beginning blood transfusion.

When to start giving blood?
It depends on how many indicators such as hemoglobin levels, physical growth, changes in face bone, comparative age, spleen size, and the quality of living, which the patient’s physician and guardian should consider. Generally, beta-thalassemia major patients have to start giving blood in 6 months to 2 years. In the case of thalassemia intermedia and e beta thalassemia, blood pressure should be started considering the severity of the anemia and the above indicator.

How many days after blood?
Beta-thalassemia major patients usually have to donate blood after 2 to 4 weeks. If Thalassemia Intermedia and E Beta Thalassemia have severe anemia like Thalassemia Major, after 2 to 4 weeks, blood will be given in more distance.

Where do you collect blood from?
The blood bank that collects blood through voluntary blood donation and the full blood screening is also cross-matching. However, it is important to keep in mind that blood donor is a relative or acquainted with full blood screening and cross matching. Thalassemia patients should not be given blood relative to father, mother, brother, sister.

Where to donate blood?
There are special arrangements for blood donation in some places of the country, including Dhaka, for the blood transfusion of thalassemia patients. Hematology of the government hospital and also in the medicine department is given blood. It can also be donated to nearby private hospitals and clinics, but it is better to have blood transfusion in patients with thalassemia patients. Under no circumstances should the blood transfusion in the home with the help of a local doctor or paramedic.

Why use filters?
Filters are used for the removal of white blood cells (white cells) (leukoridax). Using the filter reduces the side-effects of blood-related side effects and infections.

Iron extraction
In order to find additional iron deposited due to regular blood transfusion in the body of thalassemia patients, it is necessary to take regular iron ovens such as desafrall, kelphar. Also, a new mouth-watering drug called Deferasirox is now being used.

What is Combination Therapy?
Iron heart disease is the main cause of death due to thalassemia. International research has found that in the long-term treatment, Kelford gives more heart disease protection than desafral. Due to this, joint treatment recommendations of Desafral and Kalfour were made. Research has shown that the effectiveness of each drug in joint treatment increases with therapeutic and it is possible to effectively eliminate iron.

Removal of spleen
Many thalassemia patients need to remove spleen. It can be prevented if the amount of blood required regularly after the disease has been diagnosed. If the following symptoms appear, then it is necessary to remove the spleen-

Blood pressure increased 1.5 times higher than usual,

Pain in the plaque, the size of the spleen is very high and due to its hunger,

Reduction of white blood cells and platelets due to plaque.

Pneumonia and meningitis must be vaccinated before the operation of the spleen removal. Besides, after the operation every day you will have to drink penicillin tablets every day.

Heart disease
Thalassemia patients usually have heart disease due to excessive iron deposits in the heart. But it is possible to prevent it from taking regular iron extractor medication. Symptoms of heart disease are: rash, forgetting for a short time, breathing difficulties, abdominal and chest pain, intolerance in physical activity, water coming in the body. If there is any such signs, you should consult the doctor immediately.

Hormone Disease                                                                                                                                            Due to hypoglycemia and excessive iron, thalassemia can lead to hormonal diseases such as low and slow physical growth, delayed dose, diabetes, and bone deterioration. For this, yearly check-up will be done and you will need to consult a doctor if necessary.

Treatment of Infectious Disease
In patients with unsafe blood, hepatitis B, C and even H. Eye. V. (H.I.V) may be infected. For this reason, always make sure to use scanned blood properly. Apart from this, vaccines that can be prevented through vaccine, such as hepatitis B.

Psychological support
Thalassemia patients should be allowed to grow in normal conditions like other normal children. It should not be difficult to make life difficult by imposing unnecessary restrictions. They should also provide proper mental support and support at various stages, including age.

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