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Who is the top of the chip makers?


The current chipset market situation is very delicate. Every time big companies are acquiring small chip makers. In the first week of this month, US-based semiconductor firm Broadcom sought to acquire its competitor chip maker Qualcomm for $ 10 billion and $ 300 million. Broadcast’s offer has dramatically turned down Qualcomm. If this contract was completed then it would have been the most expensive acquisition in the history of technology so far. Qualcomm and Broadcom competitor in the chipset state. The main customer of the two organizations is US technology manufacturer Apple.

Although there has been a long-standing conflict between patents and Apple and Qualcomm. Apple’s future iPhones do not have Qualcomm’s chipsets. That chance is not going away from Broadcom. Their relationship with Apple is growing. Qualcomm authorities said that Broadcom degraded them through the acquisition proposal. Broadcom’s proposal did not respond to the idea that acquisitions could increase further. On rejecting this, Broadcom said they had offered to talk to Qualcomm’s management department to discuss the acquisition. But Qualcomm initially responded positively but later offered the offer.
Combining everything, semiconductor industry has become a complex chakra. The chip makers of different chip makers are targeting each other. Broadcom is trying to hunt as well as Qualcomm, but Qualcomm is also not sitting. They want to acquire the NFC, the Netherlands chip maker. The company is trying to acquire NACP for $ 4.7 billion. NXP, a chip maker for automobiles and other devices, acquired a firm named Freskel in 2015. It shows that everyone is waiting for the opportunity.

Broadcom’s Chief Executive Officer Huq Tan acquires an organization named Abgow in 2015 for $ 3,700. Then changed his name. Market analysts believe that success in semiconductor industry depends much on investment.

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