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Today is World Valentine’s Day


‘Sweetheart, how many love! Is he just a cruelty ‘- love is not a joke, whether it is torture or not, today is World Love Day. Today is the second day of Falgun, ie the second day of spring. First Falgun and Love Day – The two generations have adopted this two-day young generation. Falgun and people of different ages will face today with the excitement of love. Shimul and Palash are spread in the tree on the tree in Falgun. Painted nature And the spring of the city has come in the presence of young people. This festival will be amusement on the day of love today.

Various organizations and organizations have taken various programs around the day of love. There are many programs including memories of love, poetry recitation, songs, letters of love, and the demand for love. On the occasion of the day the concert has been organized at different places in the capital. Television channels will publish special programs on the occasion of the day.

World love day, which is known as St. Valentine’s Day. It’s circulation in the Western world, long ago. It’s windy in Bangladesh. Now it has become one with the Bengali spring together. Added additional levels In the mobile phone, social media on Facebook has already started the exchange of wishes since last night. Today in the restaurant, in the park, in the shopping mall, the university campus, there will be a crowd of young people on the streets.

Love in greater sense is not only for young people. Love and love bonds should be for everyone. For the country, the love for the soil is the same, so there is immense love for parents. So love will be seen from a broader perspective.

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