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The smart glass will detect the terrorist


Streaky startup institution in India’s gurugram has unveiled artificial intelligence-based smart glass.

The name of the developer can identify the potential terrorists from the people. “It will be alerted to Ai and law enforcement agencies of Smart Glass that will detect any potential threats surrounding the speech and face recognition,” said Steve Co-founder and chief executive Atul Rai.

Smart Glass is a built-in camera. Ai is a picture of the face that carries face recognition. The database will show its information on the screen with a suspect’s face with the databases.

Rai said, “We are hopeful that most customers and security organizations will buy this product for the risk of increased threat and security.”

The Chinese police have started testing similar smart glasses recently.

Previously, an app called ABHED has been released by the stack. The app was launched to assist the Rajasthan Police in collecting information and identifying terrorist information. In the first three months, more than 1500 terrorists have been informed about the app.

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