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The first prototype Stratobus is launched-2019


The Stratobus – created by a joint effort of European financial specialists – is a hybrid of an automaton and a satellite. Here and there, it looks like Project Loon, a system of high-height expands that Google has been creating. Dissimilar to Project Loon, which is incompletely computerized, the Stratobus is totally mechanized, with a more drawn out life expectancy and substantially more extensive assortment of employments.

Working in a repaired position for to five years, the Stratobus is put at a height of 12.5 miles (66,000 ft) – the lower compasses of the stratosphere. Every aircraft estimates about 100 meters in length and 30 meters in measurement, with a shell texture made of interlaced carbon fiber. It has a payload limit of 200 kg , enough to convey a lot of logical hardware, sensors and specialized devices.* Power originates from sun oriented boards that pivot because of daylight and vitality stockpiling is made conceivable by a light reversible energy component.

Stratobus offers a less expensive option in contrast to satellites, while additionally supplementing the last mentioned if require be. It can deal with a different scope of missions including perception, security, media communications, broadcasting and route. Be that as it may, alongside a blast in the utilization of drones and other unmanned aeronautical vehicles  rising around this time, concerns are raised over one more layer of observation and spying with potential to encroach upon the lives of subjects.

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