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That five reasons France can be champions


There is a word in football, ‘The attack can win you. But the defense will win. “The words did not come as such. And the France team has the right to win the title. If you look at the World Cup, the defense of every team has made big mistakes. France also played as part of the game. But their wrong level is very low. The French reserve with Usatiti, Varan, Hernandez and Pavar Until the final, only four of the six goals have been digested. Clean Sheet in four matches.

Great attack every

Recall the match against Argentina, how fast the Ottoman-RoHoos crashed into the attack by France The Belgian was the most perfect in the World Cup in Russia, against which the French had a great re-attack against them. Actually every attack is part of France’s most powerful tactics. Those who are very fast players like Kylian Mbpp on the forward line, the attack against the team will be good, it is normal. Apart from this, two young Fulbac pawns and Hern├índez will grow at the speed of the storm, providing additional supplies in every attack.

According to the requirement variations in the formation

The team that judges the opponent’s game on the field can change themselves according to the needs of the team, which is as good as the team. France is never a plan with a plan. Starting with 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 is easy to do. Any party can change the form. But it is the real task to prove it to the opponent. Which grasping, Pagabara can be very good.

The team defending is good

If the ball is not on the ball, very soon the opponent made three defending blocks in front of France It started with attacking thirds, sometimes with grismanake, or sometimes with ambappe or matuidei. The most important thing is that when the ball enters the half of the half, the whole team becomes the defense. Five stood in front of the defense of four. As a result, the opponents do not get much gaps.

Desham experience

The number five reason to say at the end of all but this is the biggest strength of today’s final. As a country player, he has the experience of winning the World Cup. He was the captain of the team again. How to play the player in the final is not to know better than a country. Besides, Desam has been with the France team for six years. As a result, he knows about all the players. Which does not have Croatian coach patches. Croresia playing great role in the World Cup under him. But today’s match finals. Its pressure is different. Which is of country, there is no garment.

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