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If suddenly decrease body weight


Human body weight is more or less in the country, race, female, male, height and age. But according to the variation of these, the human body has normal weight and at the time of birth, Allah gives normal weight according to the fullness of every child; That is, in future, nutrition, hereditary effects, non-diarrhea, mental peace, and environment etc. are less likely to cause weight. Written by Dr. Md. Akman Ali

Presently, the weight of human body in the form of fast food has increased abnormally in the form of Western food. As a result, diabetes, hypertension, fat growth, cardiovascular disease etc. are thereafter.
However, if the body weight decreases suddenly within a few months, it must be of concern and it is important to find out the reasons. Many people control diet, exercise and trying to keep body weight normal by working hard. But suddenly, if you lose weight over a short period of time, then it is only a matter of concern, and as soon as possible, it is possible to get the weight out of treatment.

The cause of weight loss
When body weight decreases, when body meat, water or fat decreases. Although diet control reduces the weight, but if it decreases 5 percent in one year – it can be a serious cause. Generally, if the human height is reduced to 100 cm, then the weight of normal weight is as much as that of KG. For example, if someone’s height is 160 centimeters, then the normal weight will be (160-100) or 60 kg.

The main factors
Food problems, mental health problems, chronic diarrhea in cancer and diabetes.
Other causes- AIDS; Hyperthyroidism; Arthritis; Tuberculosis; Kidney failure; GE-RD; Lung Problems Apart from this age is also an important issue. Besides, drug abuse, laxative abuse, malnutrition, Parkinson’s disease and intestinal obstruction can be the reason to suddenly lose weight.

Food problem
We should know that body weight depends on food consumption. If we take balanced diet, we can keep body weight right. So when we stop taking moderate food we lose weight. It applies to them, who suffer from food problems; For example- i) Anorexia nervosa ii) Bulimia nervosa.

Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological problem, when the person is very much afraid of weight gain. As a result, the food reduces and reduces food intake. On the other hand Bulimia nervosa is being eaten while eating enough; But after taking food, vomiting or excessive exercise does not cause weight gain. For two reasons suddenly the weight decreases. It is necessary to start treatment faster, or there may be a threat to life; For example- the inclination to take food. This is especially the case of 20-year-old girls.

Mental problem
Suddenly, weight loss is due to mental problems. For example – having stress and anxiety. In today’s busy world, there are many causes like stress (job or business) and stress for different situations of personal life. If you can not get out of this pressure, it will appear as a physical problem. For example, sudden loss of weight, breathing fast, dizziness, chest pain, breathing difficulties etc. Some causes besides stress and anxiety; For example, depression can reduce weight. Depression patients are always depressed and anxious, because of some psychological, congenital or genetic. Their hunger is very low and they suffer from digestive problems. As a result, the weight suddenly decreased.

Cancer is a threat to life, which is one of the reasons for the sudden decline in weight. Regardless of the cancer, such as blood cancer, pancreas, lungs, stomach or liver, the weight of each cancer suddenly decreases and these signs are usually present. The reason is that these diseases increase the digestion of the body. As a result, more calories are lost in the body and the weight is reduced. Some patients realize the excessive weight loss during the treatment of cancer.

Smoking is equivalent to poisoning. Smoking can be not only lung cancer but also kidney, stomach, mouth, intestinal and cervical cancer. So it is important to quit smoking.
The advice for this is:
Leave the desire for smoking, if you want to smoke, pay attention to other things.
If you want to smoke then eat fruit, Vitamin C ‘Khan
Learn about smoking problems, mark up, talk to friends.
Always follow your thoughts on positive thoughts.
Establish yourself as a non-depressant.

What to do
Get more scaly foods; So that you can prevent bowel and cervical cancer. Therefore, take more fruits, red flour and rice, grains, oranges and tomatoes.
Eat fresh vegetables – green, yellow and leafy vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower) inhibits the intestinal, rhubarb, stomach and other cancers.
Eat foods that contain vitamin ‘A’ and ‘C’ – Vitamin ‘A’ rich foods, such as fresh fruits, green vegetables, dairy products and liver disease prevent cervical cancer. Vitamin ‘C’ foods rich; For example- Amlaki, Amra, Guava, Orange, Chilli, Tomato etc. also help in the prevention of intestinal, stomach, pauphtha and cervical cancer.

Keep body weight under control – regular exercise (walking habits are quite beneficial) and avoid high calorie foods.

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