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Solar powered computer facilities


The solar-powered computer ‘Watley’ has brought happiness to the poverty-stricken African continent. This computer will provide water, electricity and internet access. The US media has come up with CNN’s report.

The name of this computer is named after the Spanish American company ‘Watley. This computer has been built with the aim of providing services for about 80 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. According to the makers, it is the world’s largest solar powered computer.

This computer has a 140 kW battery capable of looking like a space capsule weighing 15 tons. There is also a water purifier machine, which can provide five thousand liters of dried water every day and supply it.

Apart from this, the Wi-Fi internet service is available to the area around Wattly 800 meters. In this sense, the port is connected to mobile and laptop charging on this computer.

Each computer can provide uninterrupted service for 15 years. In this 15 years, each Watley computer will reduce the emission of greenhouse gas by up to 2500 tons. This computer is currently being used on experimental basis in Ghana. After this, there is a plan to establish Watley in Sudan and Nigeria, its founding organization.

According to Watlie’s founder Marco Attiyani, ‘Our computer will ensure connectivity of water, electricity and internet to remote areas of the people. In other words, they will reach the 21st Century technology.

About 62 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are deprived of electricity. At the same time, 39 percent of the people suffer from lack of water.

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