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Ronaldo’s alternative Neymar – Real has started thinking


Winter and seasonal football in Spanish and English football It is the latest buzz about the players’ bikini, in the domestic football field of these two countries. The new buzz is that Neymar is trying to sell Real Madrid or Toni Crus to the team. The Spanish and British media have published the news together.

Neymar wants Real, there is nothing hidden in it. Now the question is, why is Christina Ronaldo going to Rio Neela? The British Press Express responded by two in a couple of matches. Their news, Ronaldo likely to leave the season at the end of the season. Real Madrid wants to get Neymar for a long time in the Portuguese Forward In November, however, the Spanish press reported that Ronaldo himself had told Real Madrid captain Florentino Perez to leave the club at the end of the season.

Neymar is starting to think of Ronaldo as the new king in 32-year-old Real


Then how is the issue of selling Neymar-Ronaldo issue to Crus? The Spanish media Spott has s



aid that Real is thinking of reducing the cost of the team by selling German midfielders. Then they want Neymar to go to Neymar, in the procession to buy. But it would not be easy to say that, it is necessary to say that. Again, the possibility could not be completely blown away. The European press had earlier said that Paris is not very good in Saint-Germain. France’s capital wants to leave PSG or Neymar’s alternative players in the secret!

Italian media Corrella Dela best said earlier that Paolo DiBala may be an alternative to Neymar in PSG. A few days ago, the news of the PSG meeting with Dibla’s brother and his agent Mariano diBalar, the media said. At the end of the meeting, Mariano told his brother that PSG is looking for Dayala as an alternative to Neymar. And Neymar will go to Rial.

Manchester United has already expressed interest in the cruise. Perhaps the Old Trafford will be 27 years old midfielder’s new address Daily payload of Rial 2 million pounds His current contract for the club will expire in 2022 Of course, not only the cruise, Gareth Bell can also leave Real to ease the process of buying Neymar by reducing the cost of remuneration. Perhaps the Welsh Winger can return to a club in the English Premier League.

But it is very difficult to say the last word in the market nowadays. A few months ago, which seemed just another buzz, making it true, Neymarai has gone PSG! Nothing much can happen here!

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