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Ronaldo returns 200 million offers!


“Ronaldo does not just play for money!” It is understood by his behavior. The player who can return 100 million euros to the smiling face is very fitting in his face.

About the end of last year. Ronaldo’s proposal for 200 million euros for two years came from a club of Chinese Super League. Real Madrid paid five times the salary! But Ronaldo did not receive the offer. Because he is not only playing football for money. Quality football is also considered by him.
Ronaldo knows what level of football he is in the Chinese Super League. Where Argentine Carlos Tevez, Brazilian Oscars and Hulk have come to play, Ronaldo did not want it. Because he wants to play at the highest level all the time.
Ronaldo has already reached the final stage of the revelations. Just before his return from Real Madrid to Juventus According to Italian media, Ronaldo’s salary will be 30 million euros annually in Turin’s club. Which is 10 million more than Real. But Ronaldo is not going to Italy for just more money, it is understood that returning to the Chinese club’s offer. Ronaldo wants to take a new challenge at the age of 33. That’s the reason why the club roaming

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