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Robot Erica will read the news on television


Robot EricThe 23-year-old Japanese woman has been given the appearance of this robot named Erica. This year, Erica is going to read the news on Japanese television. It is known that the robot will be seen on television in the month of April.

Currently the most advanced speech synthesis system is included in this robot. The robot is so well prepared that if you see him, it seems that there is an entity like him. The robot will be able to move his face and reveal minor ideas but can not move hands.

Robot designer. Ishiguro said he has been trying to bring his own robot on television from 2014 to 2014. The Japanese government has assisted Japan’s Exploration Research for Advanced Technology, which has helped finance the robot and has worked in Osaka and Kyoto University scientists.

The chief architect of the robot, Dylan Glass Guardian, said in an interview that the world’s most advanced speech synthesis system was used to make Erica. Erica was told to tell and teach.

Erica designer Hiroshi Ishiguro told the Guardian that Erica was eager to talk to people. I think he is very interested in learning about the outside world.

He also said that in Japan we do not make any distinction between man and all other objects. We really think that everything has a soul. So we think that there is a spirit.

Erica says, I think I’m like a real man. When people come to talk to me they treat me like a real man.

Note that many other robots have tried to work on people’s workplace. Most recently, a robot named Fabio has been sacked from a grocery store in England.

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