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Priyanka’s heroine Aliya


Who is the heroine can not be a friend in the heroine. Not being told about others, Alia is getting fame as a good friend of all heroes. After Pradhan Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra is going to come back to the beginning of Alia’s friend-friendliness. Because, these two heroes are going to work together soon. Aliya will be Priyanka’s heroine

Do not think the reader is wrong. Here’s the story of Johar’s Doostana movie. Priyanka Chopra has finalized Alia Bhat as the heroine of her upcoming film, news. Producer Priyanka is going to make a picture with children and unborn dogs. This photo requires a star. In the film ‘Star’, guest artist will star in five to six scenes. But no star would agree to this short character. Then the presence of Alia as the deliverer of Priyanka. He agreed to act in this role. The photo story is very much like aliar. But the problem is that there is no empty day near the aliases. Now he has three pictures in his hand. Alia Bhat

These are Jaya Akhtar’s Gali Boy, Aishwarya Varma’s name which is not well known and starring Anan Mukherjee. Brahmastra Apart from shooting these pictures, Alia will be busy this year with the release of Mukhi-Raji Razi photo directed by Meghna Gulzar. So, the time he is allocated for Priyanka’s picture is not yet known. If you can not give the time, maybe aliara name can change. But now without Priyanka, Priyanka is not thinking about anyone.

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