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Presidential elections Trump rivals Oprah!


The next president of the United States will be held in November 2020. Still three years left, but in the meantime the question of the American people has started, who will be the trump rival. Because this question was the subject matter of the topic, Oprah Winfrey’s strong statement on the January 7 Golden Globe Award stage

This year, as the first black woman, Cecil B was awarded the award by the famous actress and TV host Oprah Winfrey. No other woman has been awarded this prize since the launch of the award in 1952. After accepting the award, he stood up on the stage of Golden Globe and gave a loud speech. He said, ‘presenting our own truth is our greatest weapon. Our biggest weapons. All the women presenting themselves without any hesitation in the truth of their own personal chapter made me very proud and energized. Today we are standing together in this room to celebrate our stories. This year we have become the main story. But this is not just the story, which has driven the entertainment world. It is a fact that exists in every culture, region, community, religion, politics and workplace. ”

Oprah Winfrey said, “Today, I am grateful to those women who have endured all their problems for their family and children so long. Still doing so many We may never know the identity of these women. They are at home, in the factory, at the restaurant. They are educators, hospitals, and scientific research. They are in different sectors of politics, business and technology. They are in the military. There are crowds of Olympic athletic athletes. ‘

Undoubtedly Oprah Winfrey’s heartfelt and enthusiastic speech impressed everyone. After the speech, everyone at the venue stood and respected. At the same time, the issue of his possible candidacy in the next US elections has also been brought forward.
Since then, it has been said that Oprah Winfrey will be a Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election. Some people have already started calling him President Aprah.

The first soliloquy of this idea has been inspired by the presentation of Golden Globe’s presenter Seth Mairers. He said with a little bit of humor, in a 2011 ceremony in the White House, he jokingly said that Donald Trump was completely ineligible to be president. Or he decided to contest the Trump President’s post. ‘If it is true, then OPRA tells you that you will not be a president any day, you do not have the right’, Mayres said to laugh.

Radio presenter Joe Wright said, “This thing is omitted only in Oprah’s speech. And that is, “I declare my candidacy”.

The Black List’s founder Franklin Leonardo said the same reaction. In a Twitter post, he wrote, “Do not stand or stand in the election, the most interesting statement for campaigning for the forthcoming election of 2020 has already been given in Oprah.”

And Oprah Winfrey’s long-time friend and colleague Steadman Graham’s statement said that he is giving a hawker’s hinge. After completing the speech, Oprah said in a response to the local media behind the stage, “It depends on the people. (If they wish) he must do it. ‘

After the award ceremony, Hollywood star Merrill Strip told the Washington Post, “I want to compete for Oprah President.” After that, one dozen stars in Hollywood agreed to the words. Even more than one Republican electoral expert made positive comments about Oprah’s possible competence.

Needless to say, it is difficult to reject him as a serious candidate with the President Trump so far as Oprah. Both of them are incredibly wealthy, the amount of current wealth of Trumpes is 2.4 billion dollars, and Oprah’s 3.2 billion. Both of them have earned fame as the stars of the TV show. Two critics of how the media can be used for their own needs.

The most enthusiastic about Oprah’s possible candidacy has shown some feminist organizations. Emily’s list is one of those, who collect subscriptions in support of women’s candidates in different elections. President of this organization, Stephanie Shryok, said that not only Aphrara, any eligible candidate should contest against the Trump. Even Trump’s daughter tweeted Evanka, writing that Oprah’s speech was very strong and inspirational. He did not however comment on Oprah’s electoral prospects.

Oprah himself denied the election run by himself. But more than one of his close friends said that this idea was on his head. His longtime friend Tedman Graham said in a few diplomats that if the people of the country want, Oprah must definitely stand in the election.

What is the idea of ​​President Trump? Asked about Oprah’s candidacy, a spokesman for the White House on Monday said that President Trump does not have the slightest concern about this.

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