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Overweight Problem in Qatar People ?


70 percent of Qatar’s people are overweight. More than twice the number of gross people of any other country in the world are overweight in this country.

Seven of the ten in the country are obese. And every five people are suffering from diabetes.

The country’s national handball team player, Aladana Al-Khalifi, believes that to overcome this problem, there must be some rules for healthy living.

26-year-old Aldana believes that living in Qatar is very difficult for a person to live healthily. Because there is nothing else, the tradition and heritage of this country are acting as the main obstacle in this case.

1. In any celebration of Qatar many fatty foods are eaten. These include sugar or sweet foods, plenty of oil-rich foods.

There are various types of meat and confectionery in the menu. The country’s custom is to prepare food for everyone, even when a guest arrives at home. As a result, everyone took part in eating bhuri.

2. There is almost no need to worry about healthy food and nutrition in Qatar. Among the children and young people of the country, the excess weight or obesity problem is the most. Because children of this age eat fast food more.

Obviously, if there are small children, families can be made aware of healthy food and nutrition, as well as the importance of physical exercise, it is possible to deal with obesity.

3. Aladna thinks that many women are not interested in bodybuilding or sports due to Islamic dresses.

Women in Qatar can not participate in sports like hijam or running. However, there has been a change in the mind in the society in a gradual way. Qatar girls now taking part in sports after long sleeved jerseys and flowers The main cities are being developed by the Coaching Academy for teaching gyms and girls for girls.

Analysts have seen that people are not able to prevent weight loss because of laziness and unconsciousness.

Because of this, the government took a tough position to face this crisis. Training has already begun for awareness.

The Imams of the mosques are being trained so that they encourage people to live healthy lives using religious examples.

On the other hand, at the end of the year, as the world’s first country, all adult people in Qatar are being compulsorily diagnosed with diabetes.

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