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How much the Oscars presenter’s remuneration?


How much is the remuneration for the presentation of Oscars? Do you want to know it? It is a great honor to have the opportunity to present this event to those who have presented this Oscars. It does not matter how much money is being paid here. But still there are some things to be given. Where is the problem? No, before that any presenter did not want to talk about the remuneration. This was known from Jimmy Kimmel. Last year he presented the Oscar ceremony. She will present the Oscar ceremony this year. From US Today, it is reported that Jimmy Kimel of an interview said that last year he received a reward of $ 15,000.

Oscars are worth $ 15,000 in organizing the ceremony, not so significant. Jimmy Kimmel is getting $ 1.5 million a year from ABC for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live Show’. This same TV channel is broadcasting the Oscars program every year. So does Jimi Kimel have a separate contract with the ABC Channel authorities about the Oscars? May have to be It’s normal to stay. No party has opened its mouth so much.

Earlier, how many people who had presented Oscars ceremony? Jimmy Kimmel said in an interview with US Today that, before this, Chris Rock and Billy Crystal were given the same remuneration for the presentation of Oscars. That means 15 thousand dollars.

The most desirable night of the year for Hollywood fans is today. The Oscars are scheduled to be held in Los Angeles in the United States today (on the morning of March 5th in Bangladesh). The world’s most respected award ceremony is going to celebrate the 90th year of this year.

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