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Nuclear bomb switch is on my table


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the nuclear bomb blast switch is on his table for all time. As a result, ‘the United States will never have the chance to start a war’.

Kim Jong-un said in a statement on government television that the whole United States is now in the North Korean missile cover

‘It’s not a threat, it’s a reality.’

At the time, the North Korean leader gave a message of peace to neighboring South Korea and said that ‘the door to negotiations is open’.

Kim Jong-un said, probably sending North Korea teams to Seoul in the Olympics.

Tensions between North Pyongyang and the White House have been running for a long time after a series of nuclear missiles. Last September 15, North Korea launched a missile test.

This was the fifth missile test this year. In addition to the sixth nuclear bomb blast in the beginning of September, the country has exploded. Last October, hydrogen bombs were tested.

On December 22, the United Nations Security Council has imposed a more stringent ban on North Korea as the nuclear program continued. Members of the Security Council unanimously passed the proposal.

The sanctions imposed a ban on North Korea’s petroleum imports. As well as the North Korean nationals working abroad, they have been asked to return.

The UN’s new ban is entirely in line with the imposition of economic sanctions on North Korea, the Foreign Ministry said.

In the meantime, on the last day of the year, Kim Jong-un announced the strengthening of North Korea’s nuclear program in the televised speech, but the tune with neighboring South Korean is quite soft.

Although Kim Jong-un said, the two countries are still in “technically war”. But it may be easier in the coming year.

The North Korean leader said, “2018 is very important for North and South Korea. Because, this year, North Korea will celebrate 70 years of its establishment and on the other hand the Winter Olympics will start in South Korea.

After the launch of inter-country ballistic missiles last year, the political tension between the two countries was going on, the statement by Kim Jong-un has been mentioned in the BBC report as an exception to that continuation.

North Korean leader Seoul told the Olympic Games in February that Pyongyang will participate in Seoul Olympic Olympiad for the unity of North Korean people. He also hopes for the success of the Olympics.

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