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Major changes in the Indian team!


The knockout in the first Test of the series Team India batting against helmet in Cape Town as well as helpless surrender in front of South Africa’s Pace Brigade. The possibility of a change in India’s first XI in the Centurion Test is strong.

Indian media reported that Shikhar Dhawan could be dropped in the second Test. The left-handed opener could not cope with Philander’s bouncers in Cape Town. Dhawan’s technique has been found to be weak. Lokesh Rahul can come in the second Test. South Africa too was surprised to be left out in Cape Town after Ajinkya Rahane dropped out of track record abroad. Rohit Sharma, who played in the game instead of the vice-captain, was not able to score in Cape Town. Though Kohlila took leave on Tuesday, Rahane, Rahul and Ishant Sharma practiced for one and a half hours. Shastri-Kohli pair will have to think about the combination of the situation before teaming up in Centurion.

ICC World Green Stadium, Perth’s world-class stadium

The International Cricket Council has approved the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup in Perth Stadium. Through this the official Waka Ground of Perth was officially finished.

The 60-ton capacity stadium with a capacity of 60,000 tons is going to start with the one-day match against England on January 28. Inspecting the venue, ICC match referee Richie Richardson presented a positive report about the Perth Stadium. He said, “According to my view, this stadium is one of the world’s most beautiful and well-arranged stadiums. There are all the infrastructural facilities available for organizing any international match.

The former West Indies batsman also said that it is a world-class stadium and it is ready to host three types of cricket.

The WACA ground in Perth, recognized as a test venue in the 1970s, was one of the world’s leading venues. Waikar Peach was one of the world’s fastest pitches. But the ICC decided not to host any other match here on the basis of allegations of touring the Waqar pitch in the evolution of time. Last 44th Test in Waqt was organized by the Ashes series against England last month.

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