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Leg care exercises


Many people exercise today to keep the body healthy. But most of the exercises in their body are upper body exercises. But many people do not want to believe that the lower part of the body, which requires exercise of foot. However, the foot has been playing an important role in maintaining body balance. And so the exercise of foot with other organs is also important. Today we will know about some special foot exercises.

Pistol scout

This is one of the best exercises for foot exercises. First of all, start to sit on the side of the eye or on a slightly higher elevation, with some rod or hard work. To sit in such a way that one leg is folded and the other is in front of the other (like the photo). It is called a pistol skate as it looks like a pistol in a sitting position. Wait some time and return to the previous state. After so many times, you have to change your legs. If the flexibility of the body is good, then this exercise can be done without any help.

Glut Ham Rise

To do this exercise, first sit down and kneel. You have to keep somebody behind you or keep the footpath in the bench. Keep the hands two chest and lean towards the front. It should be noted that all shoulders, waist and knees are all in the same straight line at the time. This will be straightforward using glut and hamstring. A few times a little rest can be done this way.

Bulgarian split squat

Need to stand back on an excise session bench. Keeping the body mass on the other foot should be kept on one foot bench. Keep your shoulders straight from as far as possible. The two knees should be curved in such a way that the fore legs 90 degrees angle. Come back to the normal condition and have to knock the knees again. After so many times, you have to change the legs. During this practice, dumbbells or barbells can be used.

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