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The laptop will open by hand palm !


Many people were worried about the fingerprint because if the finger was cut. How to open the device? The fingerprint problem solved now laptop can be opened easily by hand palm .

Recently, Microsoft has looked at the protection. A new feature has been brought by the organization. Name-PalmSecure, palmĀ  protects your electronic device. Microsoft has tied up with Fujitsu for this.

Microsoft said, this PalmSecure is more protected from fingerprints. Fingerprint can be cloned. But there is no such possibility in this case. This system will store all the information on the palm of the hand. The device will be reliable even from fingerprint. System PalmSecure is similar to fingerprint sensors. The user should keep his hands on the device. There is no such thing as to touch the device. There is a problem with the palm of the hand, but there is no difficulty. The scanner will scan the data from there. The company called it ‘contact-less authentication’. This process is very fast With the help of fingerprint, it will take time to open the device, using PalmSecure to open the device for a short period of time.

Fujitsu said, the palm of each man is different. Each palm has different characters. Pattern is also different. These sensors read these patterns and then the device opens.

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