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India is not worried about conditions


Cheteshwar Pujara, India’s right-handed batsman, is not worried about conditions in South Africa. India-South Africa’s three-match Test series starting on Friday The Indian cricket team, engaged in strict training in front of the first Test in the series, Speaking at the end of his practice session today, Pujara said, “We are not really thinking about the pitch or conditions here. We look forward to showing our best here and we want to taste something new in the South African soil. ”

South African wickets are generally green. This is no exception. So, as always, cricket analysts have not seen any hope for India this year. But India has been working on New Zealand’s green pitch after moving to South Africa to save their hopes. India’s plans to adapt to pitch and conditions are also there. But Pujara of India is not worried at all. “Many people are talking about the conditions and pitches here. That’s why we are not seeing the possibility of good things. But we are not worried about pitches or conditions. We have played here before. We have experience. We only give more importance to our plans. If there is a flat wicket then our plan will be somehow if green grass is full, then our plans will be different. We have organized many plans. But we are ready to deal with any situation. We want to achieve success in team performance. ”

India has won only two Tests in 17 matches in South Africa since 1992. But now Pujara wants to break all the records of the past and get positive results. He said, ‘we are not worried about what we did in the past. But in the past we can now perform better.
All of us believe this. We are confident. Like how we play now, we want to play this way. The conditions in South Africa are different, but we have a lot of plans. Now we will get to the ground to achieve good results. ”

Right-handed paceman Dale Steyn is returning to South Africa again after a long time. In the past, he has strained India several times. Steyn has taken 63 wickets in 13 matches against India so far. He has 37 wickets in seven Tests in the country. Asked whether India has separate plans for Steyn, Pujara said, “Stein is a world-class bowler. He has the ability to turn the match at any time. We have no plans for Stein.
Considering the ball we have to play the game. Besides, our pace attack is world-class. Ishant-Sami-Bhuvis bowling has a speed and swing. I believe that they will do well in such situations. ”

Pujara has visited South Africa twice for India. He has scored one half-century in 4 matches and 311 runs in a century.

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