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India has conducted inter-continental missile tests


India successfully conducted a successful test of fire-5 intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday. This test was conducted from Abul Kalam Island on the coast of Orissa in India. Pakistan’s Express Tribune reported on the sidelines of India’s English daily Times of India.

India has tested fire-5 ballistic missiles when Israel has announced a resumption of negotiations with New Delhi to supply tanks and explosive missiles. The Times of India says that after going through various complications, the missile is going to the Indian Strategic Forces Command.

India’s Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has cited ANI, said, “We have successfully conducted a test of fire-5 missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads today.” But the Indian media did not say anything about the success of all the missions related to the missile.

Due to the 5,000-kilometer range that can be hit by ground-to-ground fire-5 missiles, and it is capable of hitting most parts of China’s northern part of the country, Delhi has claimed. On December 26, 2016, India conducted the test for the fourth time in the missile and it was said that the final phase.

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