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Hollywood super-hit movie Black Panther


Black Panther occupies a peculiar position. As the breeding ground of a thousand white actors called Chris, Marvel Studios has rightly been accused of a lack of diversity, and now it’s releasing what is arguably Hollywood’s biggest budget movie with a majority black cast ever.

So Ryan Coogler’s superhero adventure was bound to be a landmark in movie-making. And we’re pleased to say it’s a great new addition to the MCU too – although it’s probably at its best when it feels least like a Marvel film.

After the death of his father in Captain America: Civil War, T. Chalala (Chadwick Bosman) is now the king of the most advanced Wakanda kingdom of Africa, which has remained behind the eyes of the rest of the world for many centuries. If there is a rivalry against the kingdom, it has to overcome its powers by leaving Black Panther’s power.

To deal with her technically knowledgeable younger sister Shuri (Leticia Wright) and bodyguard Okoye (Danai Guri), now she has to deal with Ulysses Klaow (Andy Circis). The world outside of Ulysses is the only man who has survived from Wakanda. He wants to rule the world using the power of the franchise. With him is the US Agent Everett. Ross (Martin Freeman) They do not have much to do with the truck. But a member of a Wakanda royal family named Eric Kilmangar (Michael B. Jordan) became a member of the conflict and got a new dimension.

Hollywood Top Five
1 Black Panther
2 Peter Rabit
3 Fifty Shades Fried
4 The Fifteen: Seventeen to Paris
5 Zumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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