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After getting married, Anushka What’s up! [video]


Doljatra means happy amazon. A different color game around. Imagine, horror of such a colorful day! How do you feel? Because the photo teaser shows, this ‘fairy’ is not a story of a fairy tale. Anuskhaar strikes the face and blood stains in the eye, a psychic environment, a physical environment. Anushka Sharma has indicated that this year’s festival will be something like this. His next film ‘Paribah’ will be such a horror experience. On Tuesday (January 9th), the 18-second picture teaser of the movie was posted on Twitter, “Sweet Dreams Friends ….” ‘Holli with elf’ has given in the hashtag. In this, Anushka gave a clear indication that at the festival of its color, the audience will be afraid of her ‘fairy’. The film was supposed to be released first on 9 February. However, teaser has been informed that the date of the release of the photo is March 2. Not only actress, as well as producer, Anushka Sharma has proved to be an expert in the industry. After ‘N H TEN’, ‘Falauri’, he will be producing the third film ‘Fairy’ as the producer. On his birthday, he confirmed the news. Anushka has started shooting for ‘Zero’ in the country after marriage. There is also the responsibility of campaigning for ‘fairy’. Parambrat Chattopadhyay has played with him in this film..


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