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Found 10 new earth!


NASA, the United States Space Research Organization, has discovered more than 10 planets outside the solar system. The Kepler telescope of the company finds the planets. According to a report on local time Monday, NASA

According to NASA, those 10 planets, like the Earth, are staying at the right distance from the ‘sun’. As a result there is possibility of having water there. If there is liquid water, then life expectancy will be found in the scientists. The Guardian reported that.

Found 10 new earth

Talking to journalists about this, NASA scientist Mario Parej said, “The important question is, are we alone? Whether we are not alone alone, Kepler might say it indirectly. ‘

However, according to a researcher at Harvard University in Avi Loeb, the media said that the number of planets that are located on a suitable distance from their own stars, like the Earth, is not very small.

NASA launched the Kepler Telescope in 2009. Their purpose was to find out the answer to the question whether or not there are any planets in the world in space. Scientists have begun to find answers to Kepler’s data-data.

In Kepler’s four-year operation, 2,335 planets were found. The temperature of 50 of these planets is absolutely earth-like. Kepler also finds a thousand 699 objects that will soon become a planet. But Kepler did not find out in the search of the world. All three thousand 600 planets were found in various campaigns.

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