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Fortnite at the top of the game market


People are playing more games now. The year 2018 was a great year for new makers and publishers. Fortnite has been ranked among the top earning games in the past year. According to SuperData, the game’s market analyst, last year, the Fortnite manufacturer Epic Games made profit from just $ 2.4 billion in the game. Fortnite is the top of the market as a free price.

Fortnite Battalion Royals, the team discussed with the goal of surviving in the end, will survive. Everyone will be gathered on an island before the game starts in the lobby. Then gradually everyone will be taken to the Flying Island on the main island of Fortnite. To survive by suppressing each other, you will need to find weapons from Fortnite Island and from unknown places. This way the match will go ahead and decrease the gamer

According to the Eprothom Alo SuperData, 34 percent of Fortnite’s gamer purchases, so that the fight can be avoided.

On the other side of the game, Nexon’s Dangerous Fighter is online. They earned 150 million US dollars. The third place is in the Rowat Games and Tencent League of Legends. Their income is 140 million US dollars

PCB and console game market has acquired PWG or Player Anon’s Battalgrunds. It earned $ 103 million, which is far less than the free game Fortnight.

FIFA 18 is the second position in the premium division. The game’s revenue is $ 79 billion. The third place is Grand Theft Auto V Revenue of 62 million and 80 million.

As well as games like 2018, there was a good time for streaming games. Twitch is the top of the game streaming platform. Their income is 160 million Then there are locations in YouTube.

SuperData analysts are of the opinion that in the year 2019, gaming platforms will be able to choose multiple platforms to create the game makers.

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