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Find out, Strategy to control anger ?


What kind of mentality is getting worse if someone says something. Can not easily answer any word. It looks bad once again. But you can not control anger.

In such a situation,

• A little patience will be heard first, what else is saying, before you understand the word and then answer.

• Before you say something, think that there is no scope for withdrawing.
• Do not make any big decisions during anger. Especially if the decisions are about a relationship.

• Anger may be expressed, but the dimension should be kept in mind.
• Nothing can be said so that someone is insulted
• Think about why you are so angry
• The fact that the reasons are going to get annoyed, could not it be said in other ways without reacting like this?
If it seems to be quietly, it should be kept in mind that the same thing does not happen again and again
• Never give a status through social contact during the time of anger.
• Share with a close friend as needed
• Keep busy with any other work
• Listen to music, chat with friends
• Go to Shaping
• Meditate
• Even if you feel like trying regularly, take two days off from everything
• Spend time on your own, if you can turn around in nature
• If the mind is good, anger can be reduced.
• Talk to everyone who has been misused with anger, if they are angry.

Depression, physical problems, even if sleep is affected, our mind will have to be influenced, if it continues in the long run, must consult specialist.

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