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Donald Trump says sometimes he tweet from bed


US President Donald Trump is very regular in the social media world. There is also discussion and criticism as well. Due to his large number of followers in the social media, a tremendous trump

In an interview with Britain’s ITV channel on Sunday, Donald Trump said that he sometimes tweeted from the bed. Trump said in the interview, “If I am not in such kind of communication, I will not be able to defend myself. Because, many lies are found, many news that is false and made. ‘

However, sometimes the directors of the account have to send someone to post something about the trump. In this regard, he said, “Sometimes in order to give any direction or order, I have to tell a person to post.”

The 71-year-old president, answering questions about whether junkfood or coca-cola drinks like burgers, said, “I eat all the wonderful chefs cooked in the world. I eat healthy food. Eating burgers or coconut foods at different occasions. I think I eat too much. ‘

Trump said he is known as a very famous personality in the UK. Donald Trump, referring to some politicians not to agree to let him enter the country, also took a public sign to demand a ban to enter Britain. But after so many things, he received the e-mails of many devotees of this country. Those who were concerned about his security.

If the British Prime Minister Teresa Mara was better than him in the talks, then Donald Trump said, ‘What can be discussed like that?’ No, I do not want to talk like that. My attitude is different. ‘

The US President praised his women rivals in the interview. She said that she supports women and many women understand this. Trump said, “There is no one better than me in the military. Women really like it. I think they like to stay safe at home. I respect women very much. ‘

But trump is not to say for yourself feminist. He said, ‘No, I am not a feminist. More than that. I am for women, for men, I am for everyone. ‘

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