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Different types use of lemon ?


Lemon is known as perfume fruit. There is no pair of lemon to get the black spots on the nails on your hand. Apart from this, lemon juice can be used in the face, hair, and hair care. The lemon is equally good for skin care. There is no substitute for lemon to keep skin clean.

┬áMany women have acne problems in their mouth, they can use lemons. Lemon juice is very beneficial to get rid of acne. LB is more or less in everyone’s home. And the lemon is easily bought from the market.

Let’s know the Different types use of lemon :-

To clean the skin

Lemon juice to clean skin is a lot beneficial. With lemon juice, honey can be cleaned with a mixture of honey, scarf, raspberry orchard, mixed regularly. The skin of the lemon extends the oil to the skin and removes the feeling of oil.

Free from acne

Lemon juice is quite beneficial to remove acne. Mix lemon juice with light honey and keep it on the acne with cotton. You will see the release of acne.

To clean the nails

At the time of cooking, onions, garlic, ginger and various types of vegetables are blackened in the nails of women. Nails can use clean lemon juice. Slice the lemon into a piece of lemon and see if the dirt of the nails will clear the stain.

Increase hair glow

With lemon juice, make a paste with the white part of the egg and make regular hair on the hair, and the hair is hard and the hair is shining and bright.

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