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Decision to reduce the visit of local visitors to protect the Taj Mahal


The tourism attraction of India was not restricted to the visitors’ entry in the Taj Mahal for so long. But the authorities understood that to protect it, its visitors must be reduced. Because, viewing the unique wonders of one of the world’s seven wonders and mogul architectures, visitors are growing by 10 to 15 percent each year.

Foreign tourists see the Taj Mahal, but its native tourists are more. According to the authorities on Wednesday, the historic establishment will not allow 40,000 more visitors to enter the day. Currently 60 to 70 thousand visitors visit the Taj Mahal in the tourist season and festival and turnaround day.


The Taj Mahal authority however, has said that this restriction will not be effective in foreign visitors. In context, foreign visitors pay a thousand rupees to enter the Taj Mahal. On the other hand, domestic visitors paid only 40 rupees.



More than 350 years ago, Mughal Emperor Shahjahan built the mausoleum at the tomb of his wife Samrajni Mamtaj.

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