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Curved screen gaming laptops are brought by Assar


Assar took the first time with a twisted screen laptop. Predator 21 x-ray gaming laptop will have 21-inch big curved screen. The website of information technology Mashable and The Verme said

Assaar opens their new gaming laptop at the IFA 2016 exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Not only the curved screen, but in terms of all other specification, the Predator 21X laptop is called ‘monster’.

A gemer for a laptop, which is the hardware needed, all of the Asare. Full HD curved screen with ‘Toby Eye Tracking Technology’.

Intel’s Seventh Generation Core processor is being used as a processor. DDR 4 Raid will support Predator 21 x

If the user wants to increase his laptop’s RAM to a maximum of 64 GB. And there is no nod to Asare from the storage side. There are four terabytes of SDD storage on the laptop.

On the other hand, Assaar added their Predator 21x to two unveiled gifs GTX 1080 GPUs to experience the unlimited games playing at the highest frame rate for the first time. And Assad has no reason to give the laptop a chance to get hot under the powerful hardware pressure. So a total of five fans have been kept in gaming laptops, three metal aeroblades of five fans.

Along with the video, the audio quality of the laptop has also improved. Three speakers have been put in the laptop’s design and Dolby audio is used.

And the gamer’s preferred mechanical keyboard is in this version of Predator, which includes the Cherry MX keyboard and number pad.

However, Assaar did not tell anything about an important laptop feature. And that is the capacity of the battery. On the other hand, nothing has been disclosed about the price. When Predator 21 X is coming to the market for general buyers, it is not sure if the advance order will start at the end of the year,

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