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CNG Autorickshaw flying in Narsingdi, video viral


So many things go viral through social media. A video of a flying CNG autorickshaw went viral recently. The video was uploaded to a Facebook page called Shivpur News.

The video shows a fan mounted on a CNG autorickshaw. And the driver is taking away that CNG. The driver is also seen behind the driver. However, the whereabouts of the video were not known.

The video was shared with the caption, “This type of CNG is coming to Shivpur Narsingdi route”. However, this information was not found.
However, no such CNG was imported or sold in Narsingdi, local traders said. They say someone might have uploaded it for fun.
“This is probably not in our country,” said a CNG automaker. May be from another country. However, the video of our country but not Narsingdi. Because, we know that none of us who trade or import CNG autorickshaw have imported such vehicles.
Not only that, a Pakistani flag is also seen flying over the video. In the video, Hindi or Urdu can be heard. And so many people assume that the video was made in Pakistan. Some say this is a movie scene.

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