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The causes of ulcer, know the signs


The ulcer is on the inner wall of the stomach. There is also a part of the intestine called ‘Small Intestine’. Ulcers in the stomach are the most obvious signs of peptic ulcer. Ulcer is found to have a thin mucus that protects the stomach from digestive juices. When its amount decreases, the digestive juices begin to eat stomach walls.

Two types of ulcers are seen in the dark. Stomach and osteophagus ulcer. Both of them appeared for a different reason. Offsophagus is not usually seen. This is either more than using alcohol. On the other hand, disorderly lifestyle and unhealthy habits appear as stomach ulcer.

Several signs are clearly associated with ulcer. The main symptom is the pain in the chest and navel. Another major symptom is bleeding in the blood. This pain, however, increases the intake of antacids like pills.

Many causes ulcers occur. There are bacteria that can be seen on the stomach mucous level. They also have small intestine. Excessive risk is seen in regular medicines with pain relief. At this time smoking, alcohol consumption, and savory food is more difficult to feed. The inner wall of the stomach has inflammation. Free surgery is available through ulcers without surgery or surgery.
Here, let’s know the causes and symptoms of this very famous disease.

Common reason
1. Helicobacter pylori bacteria can cause ulcers. The inner wall of the stomach creates inflammation. This infection can spread from person to person. This is because of kissing, food or water sharing.

2. The same happens for regular painkillers. Nonstandard anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) cause inflammation in the stomach and small intestine. Papatic ulcer is more common in adults due to excessive use of painkillers.

3. Other medicines cause ulcer due to the presence of other drugs. Steroids, anticonvulsants, low-level aspirin may cause ulcers.

Those who have or are going to have ulcers are able to understand the signs if they keep their eyes open. Keep in mind-

1. The upper and middle part of the stomach will be pain. I think it’s going to burn. Only the acetic acid is released from this pain.

2. After eating, the ulcer’s pain depends on the disease at any place. Gastric ulcer may increase the stomach pain soon after eating. And after a few hours after the stomach ache increases in duodenal ulcer.

3. Eating with stomach starts immediately after eating. This is the sign of ulcers.

4. Continuous giddiness and vomiting have come.

5. Trouble surrounding the depression. It usually seems like before the vomit.
Source: Femina

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