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Canceled Chinese Space Station Coming towards the world


China’s space station Tianjong-1 was launched in space in 2011. However, the space station is now disconnected with the world. As a result, it is slowly moving towards the earth.

It is known that the speed of its degradation in the Earth is increasing and it will collapse on the planet in the next March.

Around 40 feet long, the station will be completely burnt to ashes in collision with the atmosphere when it comes to eating food around the world. But a piece of weight weighing about 100 kg will reach the surface of the world and nobody knows where it will hit it.

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It is most likely to fall into the vast Pacific Ocean of the world. But if it falls on any other public place in the world, then the possibility of death can not be ruled out. But its probability is very low. That has not happened in the history of the last 60 years.
In 2011, a space station was launched in China, and later, three space missions were conducted, through which the first woman astronaut Liu Young and Wang Yaping made the journey through space.

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The name of this station in space means the heavenly palace. It was seen as a test launch before the launch of the planned big space station in 2022.

It is never thought to be permanent and declared that the government of China has come to its completion in 2016. Chinese officials acknowledge that they have lost control over it and it is getting closer to the world to eat and eat.

At the time of operational efficacy, the station orbited 370 kilometers above the earth.

Source: CNN

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