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Brazil win the sixth World Cup: Pele


The country’s legendary footballer Pelé believes Brazil is a favorite for the World Cup win, due to the frustrating performance of the home turf world cup.
Four years ago, the World Cup semi-finals have not been forgotten by historians at the Maracana stadium in Germany’s 7-1 goals in Brazil. But, as the ‘Black Manik’, considered one of the greatest footballers of all time in the history of football, believes that under the new coach Titta, another Brazilian team will see the entire football world. The revived Brazil has already proved itself in the capacity of Titta.
Joining the inaugural ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro League in Brazil, 77-year-old Pele said that those who are always supporting Brazil always believe that Brazil is the favorite of winning the World Cup.
In the South American franchise, where the rivals and last-finalist Argentina were waiting for the last game to get Russia’s ticket, Brazil was assured of its final form with the first team. One of the world’s most celebrated footballers, Neymar, and Barcelona’s new recruiter, Philip Kutinho, has developed another Brazilian team.
Pele said, “The best thing is that under the Teeta the players have got themselves back in new ways. We had the best players in the team in the last World Cup, but the team was not well enough. But this time the party is completely different, making us all confident.
In 1958, 1962 and 1970, when he was a member of the World Cup winning team, he is currently very physically ill. He joined the public in December after joining the World Cup draw program in wheelchair. But now he is feeling a little better. Pelé expressed his gratitude to those who gave him good wishes during this period.

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