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Barca’s greed increasing kutinho!


Philip Kutinho Liverpool have scored seven goals this month. Five goals scored by teammates. Barcelona are sitting in the elite form of the Brazilian midfielder European media news, in January, Barcelona will begin the debate about bringing Kutinho to the NU camp.
If the matter is not addressed next month, then it will take Barcelona to the end of the season. In such a trend, Kutinah increased the greed of the Catalan club. Liverpool midfielder in the English Premier League on Tuesday scored a goal that would see him want to buy most clubs. In the 6th minute of the match, Swansea put forward Kutinho in the long-distance shot from outside the box of the city, Liverpool.
It was his 200th match in all rounds of all-rounder jersey. If Liverpool win the match by 5-0, then Kutinohor’s goal will be for many days. This month was the best time for Kutinha’s career after coming from Inter Milan to Anfield. Not only that, but Kutinah made a great deal of effort to score from outside the box. Third highest scorer (19) from outside the box in the Premier League, now Kutinah
Barca will want to buy a player who can score from outside the box to add new dimensions to the attack. For this, Paulina is now trying to convince Kutinho for Barça. A midfielder of Barça said that he has been in regular contact with the national team teammate. Speaking to the Spanish media, Kutinho said, ‘Do not worry about keeping anxiety away. I was also in China. My argument is, if you have the opportunity to come, then do not apply for the decision. ‘
Spanish media reported that Liverpool is not ready to sell Kutinha under 15 million Euros. The news also said that if the Barca agreed to the proposal, the money would be repaid by the installment.

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