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Banned Sabbir for six months


Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) removed star batsman Sabbir Rahman from the central contract and fined him Tk 20 lakh (about 25 thousand dollars) and banned domestic cricket for the next six months. This punishment was given to the beat of a teenage fan. Cricinfo has released the news.

As the first cricketer of Bangladesh, Sabbir fell in the face of such punishment. In the list of BCB contracted cricketers he was in B grade In this way, he got 30 thousand dollars in 2017.
In the case of fines, he broke his record. He was fined 12 lakh rupees (about 16 thousand dollars) for breaking the dangerous discipline in the 2016 BPL. Now he is fined Tk 20 lakh.

BCB president Nazmul Hassan announced the punishment on Monday. Earlier, the meeting of the disciplinary committee was held. Nazmul Hasan said the recommendations of the disciplinary committee to punish Sabbir were ‘final’. He has approved it only. However, the Board of Directors will approve this punishment at the next meeting.

The incident took place on 21 December. Dhaka Metropolis were playing with Rajshahi division in the national cricket league. According to the social media reports, while trying to beat Sabbir, the fan tried to get him to say ‘Ma’o’. Perhaps the fan did this because of the color of Sabbir’s eye color. Sabbir summoned the Fan with his known person and beat him.
Along with the fan, Sabbi also abused the match referee on that day.

According to the committee’s vice-chairman, Sheikh Sohel, on Monday Sabbir apologized for his work during the hearing. Sohel said that the history of breaking his past discipline was also taken during the decision of punishment.
He said that it seems that Sabbir did not teach any lessons from the past. So we decided to punish him severely. It is a big blow to exclude him from the contract. He has to pay a fine of Tk 20 lakh. This is his last chance. If he again behaves in a chaos, he will be permanently expelled.

Meanwhile, Tamim Iqbal was fined five lakhs for misbehaving during the BPL match. In addition, while talking to media in the future, he has been told to remain alert.

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