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Bangladeshis can go to 50 countries without visa


You can boast as a Bangladeshi. Because without the visa, you can travel to 50 countries only with the passport of Bangladesh. Arthon Capital, a financial consulting firm, has created a list of influential passports, where Bangladesh’s position is 67th.

Orton Capital’s controlled passport, Indesak Dotorg website, said that Bangladeshi passport holders can travel without having a visa in 50 countries. Some of these countries do not require a visa for Bangladeshi passport holders. Almost all of the rest of the countries have to get ‘On Arrival Visas’ on arrival. And, different arrangements are applicable for each country.

The passport index dot org has been listed for the effect of passports of different countries up to 80, where Bangladesh’s position is 67. This list is based on the number of people traveling to other countries without a country’s passport holder visa. In addition to Bangladesh, Micronesia and Togo passport holders can travel to 50 countries without a visa. In the list of impacts of the passport, the position of SAARC countries is 79 (Afghanistan does not need 38 visas), India 59 (Viscin 59), Pakistan 71 (Vaisahin 46), Maldives 53 (Visasin 65), Nepal 79 (Vaisahin 38), Bhutan 79 Vesahin 40), Sri Lanka 70 (Vaisahin 47).
The most dominant passport in the world is the United Kingdom and the United States. In the list, one can go to 147 countries without a visa with two passports. And at the bottom of the list is the 80th position of Sautem and Principe, Palestine, Solomon Islands, Myanmar and South Sudan. These countries have only 28 countries without visa.

Although the Bangladeshi passport holders are allowed to enter 50 countries without visa, the list of countries not listed by the export indices dot org. And according to Wikipedia and embassies of different countries, the following 45 countries have been confirmed.

According to the Wikipedia and Embassy of the countries, the country’s passport holders do not require any visa:

1. Bahamas (up to four weeks)
2. Barbados (six months)
3. Dominica (six months)
4. Fiji (four months)
5. Gambia (three months)
6. Grenada (three months)
7. Haiti (three months)
8. Jamaica
9. Lesotho (three months)
10. Malawi (three months)
11. Micronesia (one month)
12. Saint Kitts and Nevis
13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (one month)
14. Trinidad and Tobago
15. Vanuatu (one month)
16. Montserrat (three months)
17. Turk and Cicero Islands (one month)
18. British Virgin Islands (one month)
19. Macronessia (one month)
20. Niue (one month)

Bangladeshi passport holders can go without a visa, but there are countries that will have to make a visa there:

1. Bhutan
2. Bolivia (three month visa)
3. Cape Verde
4. Comoros
5. Guinea Bissau (three months)
6. Madagascar (three months)
7. Maldives (one month)
8. Mauritania
9. Mozambique (one month)
10. Nepal (one month)
11. Nicaragua (three months)
12. Timerlest (one month)
13. Togo (seven days)
14. Tuvalu (one month)
15. Uganda
16. Burundi
17. Djibouti (one month)
18. Azerbaijan (one month)
19. Macau (one month)

Bangladesh does not require a visa if it is a passport, but countries which require special approval are:

1. Cuba (To obtain tourist card, valid for three months)
2. Samoa (the permit for entry is only valid for two months)
3. Seychelles (must have travel permit, expiration one month)
4. Somalia (If anyone is sponsoring the country, the visa can be reached, which will be valid for one month but two days before reaching Somalia, there should be information in the airport at that time)
5. Sri Lanka (electronic license for travel, validity one month)
6. Laos (If there is a government tour document then visa will not be required)
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